Hot cam girl Sharon Lee wants you to fuck her!

date_range August 20, 2017
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Hot cam girl Sharon Lee wants you to fuck her!

You always knew that your roommate Sharon Lee is spending too much time in her room, so you decided to check out what she is doing through the keyhole of her door.

Even if you could barely see anything, you could tell enough that she is doing something naughty, at first, you thought that she was doing an interview for a VR porn company.

That is because she was showing off her naked body to the laptop, but after a couple of moments, you realized that she is actually a cam girl!
While you were watching her, she decided to get a glass of water, and when she opened the door, she saw you masturbating to her body.

"Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing? Are you really masturbating to me? You are such a pervert!" Sharon yells at you while covering her big beautiful tits.

"Well, do you really like my body that much? I have an idea, come join me" she says before she takes your hand and brings you to the bed where she's doing her live webcam show.
As you unzipped your pants, you became a part of her live show where, and as soon as someone tipped in, she started to play with her pussy.

When someone else tipped, Sharon began to suck you off, and as your cock got harder and harder, she got hornier and hornier.

Eventually, Sharon took off her panties and she started got on top of you with her juicy ass facing your face. "I want you to finger my wet pussy," she says as she grinds her body on yours.

After you fingered her snatch for a little while Sharon will tell you that she wants your big cock deep inside of her pussy, so she will ask you to get up so you can fuck her in the doggy position.

As she impales on your rock solid pecker, you will hear her moaning quite loudly due to all the pleasure you are providing to her, however, after a little bit, she will want you to take control as she turns around into the missionary position.

While you were thrusting your cock deep inside of her, Sharon screams "Yes! Your cock is so amazing, fuck me harder!" before the grand finale!
For the final position, Sharon chose to ride you in the cowgirl position where she let your cock go as deep as possible. It's getting even more intense, since her Asian pussy is really as tight as you've been told they are.

In this position, you penetrated her so hard that you could feel her having an orgasm as her pussy became incredibly drenched all of the sudden.

After you were done fucking her, Sharon decided to help you cum as well, and she did it by giving you an amazing handjob blowjob combo until you covered on her big natural tits.

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