Hot roommates Nikky Dream and Vanessa Decker Put on a Show for You

Nikky Dream purchased a brand new phone, so she immediately decided to try it out by taking some incredibly sexy selfies while she was wearing pink lingerie.

As she was taking her first photos, her roommate Vanessa Decker joined her because she wanted to see how she looks in her new white lingerie. During this whole time, you were able to see both of these girls thanks to the web-cam stream she was doing for you.

When she showed you how they look in one one of the selfies, she discreetly told you to keep quiet. Vanessa then took the phone from her and she started to take the photos while Nikky was licking one of her boobs while holding her with it with her hand.

This was just enough action for these two to start off a lovemaking session. First, both of them took off their bras, and they enjoyed playing with each other’s big tits by fondling them with their hands.

Eventually, they will start making out and Vanessa is slowly going to move down to Nikky’s tits. As she starts licking and sucking on them, both of them are going to get even hornier.

When Vanessa gets extremely wet, she is going to lay down with her pussy facing the camera that is streaming you all this fantastic action. Nikky is going to take off her panties, so she can start eating her roommate’s pussy.

As soon as she started eating her, Vanessa began to moan out loud from the pleasure she was receiving. She started to moan even louder when Nikky began to finger her tight pussy while still providing her with amazing oral pleasures.

This lasted on for a while, and sooner than you knew it, it was Nikky’s turn to receive the pleasures of the same type. However, Vanessa had some different techniques as she would constantly change the phase of how she provides the pleasure. She will start off fast, and then she will tease her by going slow until she decides to speed up again.

When Vanessa was done, then she sat on Nikky’s face so she can nicely grind her delicious snatch over her roommate’s face. She continued doing so until she had an amazing orgasm which made her moan out loud.

Once Vanessa came, it was her turn to make Nikky reach her climax, but she did not sit on Vanessa’s face. She instead decided to bend over into the doggy position.

While Nikky was showing you her beautiful ass, Vanessa plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy. As Nikky was reaching her climax, Vanessa continued pleasuring her by using only her magnificent oral skills, and the moment she came, she made a loud noise of pleasure.

After both of them reached their satisfaction, they still continued making out while letting you watch them.

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