Kira Noir Will Get You Out of the Coma With Sex!

In this brand new VR porn fantasy from VR Bangers, there’s gonna be pretty much everything that you need in your life – some emotions, live action, drama, a mystery and, as befits one of our premium productions, a happy ending for you to enjoy. Wear your VR headset and let your imagination rest, as in immersive virtual reality porn environment of full 3D 360 degrees, you’re not gonna need it – relax and let us tell you this newest super-interesting scenario!

As promised above, this new VR porn story will begin quite uncommonly, as today you’ll get to… crash your car in an accident. Don’t worry, we know that it may sound controversial, but trust us – everything will end well and this VR porn fantasy isn’t gonna let you down. Since your car crash was rather serious and you’ve been injured heavily, you’ve gotten yourself into a coma and now you’re in one of the hospitals. Being in such a state is a serious business that requires professional medical care, yet since some traditional medics couldn’t do much to wake you up, Kira Noir, one of the VR Bangers’ VR porn starlets – and a medic for the needs of this virtual reality porn video – will give it a try, yet using some rather… unconventional methods on you.

There’s only one way to stimulate your brain and wake it up – your heart has to work on it, and there’s no better way to give it a kick than sucking your dick and making you cum. Wait… what? Yeah, you heard us right – we told you that this VR porn fantasy is only getting better with time! And yes, it is true that you can see (and feel) everything that’s happening to you when you’re in a state of coma, so we sticked to this rule in this VR porn video as well, and as long as you’ll be wearing your VR goggles, you’re gonna be in the middle of action on your very own.

Doctor Kira has a lot of things to try out on you, including some medical gagging on your dick, therapeutic riding on your cock and moaning out loud to make you hear her and possibly wake up, and even some happy ending to give you an ultimate heart-stopper (or starter, in this case) by letting you cum on this slutty VR porn whore. Does it sounds like a good way to spend an evening? Except the car crash, only good things are waiting for you today – that’s a VR Bangers promise, buddy!

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