Lauren Philips and Britney Amber Will Greet You on the Red Planet!

Did you hear that Elon Musk’s Tesla car has recently landed on Mars? Sure, this is one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind, but you’re probably wondering already, why in the bloody hell are we talking about it at the website related to some premium VR porn videos. Well, watch the footage video embedded below and you should understand.

Do you understand it now? Since the VR Bangers’ SpaceXXX project has been a huge success, and we’ve managed to land on Mars as the very first company in the history of mankind, we could finally shoot a real interstellar VR porn fantasy, with not one but two super-hot Martian babes – namely Britney Amber and Lauren Philips. You’ll be the very first guy, thus the very first dick, that these alien girls had ever seen, so you should represent the mankind properly, showing them how it’s done on Earth and that you speak for one of the best dicks available on the planet, as befits a member of the VR Bangers family.

Okay, let’s be fair – banging a girl from another planet is definitely something that everyone thought for at least once in their lives. VR Bangers are sure that most of you have seen a lot of movies with alien hotties like Avatar, Star Wars or John Carter, and yes, we all can’t stop wondering if having sex with them would be possible at all. Like in the James Cameron’s movie, sexual intercourses with the alien girls could’ve been going through their, let’s say, tails, and not using the juicy pussies that we all love and cherish. Fear not, as this newest VR Bangers’ VR porn fantasy will give you exactly the content you need, thus making yet another of your favorite dreams come true in the immersive virtual reality.

The girls Martian culture might be something that you didn’t get used to, and you might not be understanding completely what are they talking to you – you should still relax and sit back with the VR goggles on your head, as our wonderful ladies will greet you, their newest guest, with due respect and care. You might have a feeling that they’ll be performing some ritual on you in this threesome VR porn fantasy, but just chill out and let them do their job – there’s literally nothing to be worried about.

Sure, they’ve never seen a dick like yours and they might not know how to treat it right, but that should only make you more relaxed, as in such case, they wouldn’t want to damage it under any circumstances, as it’s a precious unique “specimen” on their distant planet. SpaceXXX VR porn film will not be like any of the aforementioned movies, thus bringing the sci-fi genre to a way different level, mixing what’s interesting in such productions with what’s sexy in the VR Bangers’ VR porn videos. So strap the VR goggles on your head right now and join the girls on the red planet, to live on this one-of-a-kind experience and let VR Bangers surprise you yet another time – you won’t find any other VR porn fantasy like this one anywhere on the Internet, and that’s a producers’ promise!

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