Lonely Housewife Marie McCray Enjoys Playing with Her Toy on the Couch

Marie McCray is a hot redhead MILF who often gets lonely because her husband works almost all day and all night. One day when she was feeling lonely, she was also feeling incredibly horny.

Because nobody was around, she went to the living room while wearing nothing else but her sleeping dress, and she took a seat on the most comfortable couch in the house. After playing on some relaxing music, Marie will begin to turn herself on even more, and she will start by rubbing her delicate body with her hands.

As she gets more and hornier, she will begin to take off her dress. First, she will pull it down so her big tits are out in the open. Once that happens, she will fondle them with her soft hands to the rhythm of the music, and then she will slowly slide them down to her pussy.

Marie will rub her pussy for a little while, making herself wetter and wetter. When she was satisfied by how wet she got, she immediately took off her sleeping dress. Now that she is completely naked, she had the freedom to get into whichever position she desired in order to provide herself with the most sensational pleasures.

However, she didn’t continue her solo masturbating session with her fingers, but instead, she took a toy that she had laying around. It was a small pink dildo, but even if it was not too big, it was perfect for the job as her most sensitive spots are not that deep inside her snatch.

Before she starts to use the dildo on her drenched love tunnel, Marie will give it a couple of licks just so it gets wet from her saliva. She will then rub it against her nipples, which will turn her on even more. Then, she will finally stick the toy inside her pussy and start masturbating.

After a little while, she will take the toy out and rub it against her other nipple before she goes back to her pussy and starts focusing on pleasuring her love button.

Because she can not hit one of her favorite spots by laying on her back, Marie will then get into the doggy position where the toy can easily reach those areas. During the time she plows herself with the toy in this position, Marie will begin to moan louder and louder as she gets closer to having an orgasm.

Since her most sensitive spot was in her primary position, she will rotate back to it and she will begin pleasuring herself at rapid speed. Once she reaches her climax, she is going to make a long loud moan due to the pleasure she’s experiencing.

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