Luna Star Is Your Sexy Cheerleader Friend!

Having a female best friend can be like a true daydream, or, on the other hand, a living hell – especially when you’re sitting in the unforgivable friendzone and can’t really get out of it! If you’re one of these guys and you’ve always wanted to find out how should you work the things out between you and your “girlfriend”, this newest 4K VR porn video from VR Bangers will give you way more just pleasure, being an important lesson for you to have. Tonight, we’ll show you how to cross the magic border with the girl you’ve always liked and how to make her fuck you – trust us, we’re professionals in making love, so we know exactly what we’re talking about!

Sure, there are some positive sides of being in an aforementioned friendzone – you can still chill out with your female colleague and spend some time with her, but you can’t really touch her… and that’s the problem here. In this VR porn fantasy, you’ll be having a yet another evening with your BFF Luna Star, who’s one of the best and sexiest cheerleaders in the school (and yes, this is one of the reasons why you’re hanging out with her).

Since there’s a big match going on tomorrow, and she could really use some second opinion on her newest moves, she chose you – her best friend for live – to tell her something about her newest choreography. Yes, it may sound like the best day of your life, since you’ll actually get to watch her twerk in a 1-on-1 session, but still… still you can’t touch the slut at all…

Naturally, when watching such a beautiful girl doing all these dances and leaps in front of you with her cheerleader outfit on… You wouldn’t be a real man if it didn’t get you hard! There’s nothing wrong about it, actually, as long the girl won’t notice it… aaaand she just did. Now you’re in trouble, she’s yelling at you and calling you a perv, but it’s a VR porn video after all, so in the end, there has to be a happy ending, hasn’t it? You’re totally right, and VR Bangers won’t turn you down this time either – we told you that the Cheerleader Diaries VR porn movie will eventually be about fucking the young whore, right? And you know that we never lie to our members!

Sure, the girl might be mad at you in this ebony VR porn movie, but that’s only at first, and soon after she’ll actually feel bad about you and she’ll want to make it up for you. How? We’re more than sure that you have some suspicions already, but you should definitely find out if they’re correct yourself – wear your VR headset straight away and enjoy this great VR porn fantasy with your own eyes!

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