Nikky Dream is a Truly One Dreamy Babe

As you are laying on the couch, you are trying to turn on the TV with the remote control, however, it does not seem to function. You decided to give it a couple of taps, but that did not help the situation. Since your girlfriend Nikky Dream was nearby, she noticed that you are getting frustrated so she put on leg on the table next to you and flashed her pussy since she was not wearing any panties.

Naturally, since you thought you will receive some action, you completely forgot about the remote control. But it turns out she is only teasing you. As soon as she continued cleaning around you, you immediately tried to make the remote work one more time.

After giving it a couple of taps, Nikky took your hand in a way that she is giving you a sign to stop doing what you are doing. She walked to the other side of the couch, and this time she lifted her skirt up, displaying her gorgeous ass, which of course made you forget about the remote again.

This time, instead of trying to fix the remote, you kept looking at her. Nikky approached you, and she put her leg on you which gave you a beautiful view of her nicely shaved pussy. She starts to massage your cock with her leg while allowing you to watch her.

The next thing that happens is Nikky taking out your completely erect cock. She begins to stroke it with her gentle hands before putting it in her mouth, twirling her tongue around it. Since she noticed that you are really enjoying it and that you are not frustrated because of the broken remote, she decided to take off her shirt, revealing her big beautiful tits.

Later on, this blonde cutie continued to make your cock nice and slippery by sucking it off and covering it with her saliva. Eventually, your cock was nicely drenched, so Nikky decided to climb on top of you in the reverse cowgirl position.

She teased both herself and you too by grinding her pussy on your cock, but it was not long before she began to ride it. When she started going up and down on your rock solid shaft, you decided to help her hit the spots by holding her ass cheeks.

Once she got a bit tired of riding you, she decided to stroke off your hard pole by with beautiful feet, however, once your cock got dry, she decided to suck you off some more.

When she moistened you up one more time, she bent over into the doggy position where she asked to penetrate her nice and hard all the way until you cum.

You started giving all of your stamina, drilling her harder than ever before, as Nikky moaned in pleasure, you reached the point where you are about to cum. This is when you took your cock out of her love tunnel and you started stroking it. You finished the lovemaking session by spraying your warm juices all over her asshole and her pussy too.

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