Nina Elle Attempts to Get a Discount

You have been trying to sell your house since you are moving to a new town because of the incredible promotion you got at work. Since selling a house is not an easy task, you decided to hire some help. As you were sitting on the couch in the living room, you see the retailer and a hot blonde milf walking towards you.

I have been showing Nina Elle around the house, she seems to love it.” says the retailer a few moments before her phone started ringing. When she saw who’s calling, she excused herself from the room, leaving you alone with the potential customer.

I can’t wait to get fucked in every corner of this house” shouts Nina without a warning. This caught you off guard, and it made you make a very surprised face.

You then see Nina walking towards you while she is playing with her light blue skirt before she tells you “Maybe I can make you give me a better deal on this house, hm?“. After she says that, you see her lifting up her skirt, displaying her pink panties which got you interested in what is about to come next.

There was a little chair between the couches in the living room, so Nina decided to kneel on it while having her back turned towards you. She then bent over, which allowed you to have a majestic look at her incredible mature ass.

However, she was not teasing you anymore, you could see she’s getting down to busyness by taking off her light blue dress. Under it, there was some sexy pink lingerie that was matching the panties you saw earlier.

Once Nina made sure that you are paying attention to her, she took off her pink lingerie, revealing her big tits. After that, she spread her legs and put them around you before she started to rub her pussy over the panties.

It didn’t take her too long before Nina took off the panties as well, so she can make herself horny by masturbating in front of you.

As soon as her pussy started oozing with her juices, she sat into your lap. “I can do you a favor if you do me a favor“, which only made you smile while looking at her big tits and her juicy pussy while not giving into her suggestion.

Since Nina is very determined, she continued playing with herself while still sitting in your lap. You enjoyed her rubbing her juicy pussy as she grinded on your erect boner, however, you did not give into her seductive methods.

This went on for a while, and just as about you were to give in, the retailer returned to the living room, catching you in action, which made her give up on pursuing you to give her a better deal.

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