The Moroccan genie Alexa Tomas will make your wishes come true

During your trip to Morocco, you decided to go to a restaurant where they serve all sorts of exotic things, including the hookah which is a house special. The waitress that is assigned to your private quarters is Alexa Tomas, a seductive brunette babe who has an incredible waist that she knows how to use, especially while performing a belly dance as she welcomed you to your quarters.

I am here to serve you, and make all of your wishes come true, thank you for ordering the house special,” she says before bringing the hookah towards you. After putting it down, she turned around to bring you some herbal tea that goes with it as well.

As she was walking to get the pot, you enjoyed the nice view of her fantastic figure. She sort of looked like a sexy genie that could make all of your dreams come true.

Returning to you with the herbal tea, you asked her if she could drink with you, however, she replied that she is not allowed to have a drink with customers. Of course, in order to make her change your mind, you offered her quite a generous tip, that she immediately accepted.

After sharing a warm beverage with Alexa, you noticed that she started to act kind of funny. “Oh my god, I don’t know what happened, but suddenly, I feel so super horny,” she says while looking you straight in the eyes.

You see her stand up, and while still in that strange mood, she will start belly dancing with her back turned towards you. Before you knew it, Alexa started to slide down her pants, and now she almost had nothing on her at all.

Alexa tells you “Come here” as she mimics so with her finger as well. The next thing that happens is that you are completely naked, and Alexa is stroking on your rock solid boner while making out with you.

As soon as you developed a big rock solid boner, this incredible princess started to give you a blowjob while she was down on her knees.

While sucking you off, you could hear the rest of the outfit she was wearing every time she would take your cock deep down your throat. She continued sucking you off until your pecker was completely drenched in your saliva.

Once Alexa was done preparing your big boner, she turned around so you can start banging her in the doggy style position. She really enjoyed your slamming skills, but she also wanted you to go deeper, and for that, Alexa pushed you down so she can have a nice ride on your dick in the cowgirl position.

Feeling your big pole entering her completely made Alexa moan out loud as if she was having the best fuck of her life, and once she rode you in both the reverse and regular cowgirl positions, she had an amazing orgasm that made her scream.

Of course, Alexa is not a selfish babe, and she wanted to make you cum as well, and for that, she decided to use her mouth and lips on more time. As she was gobbling on your donger again, she truly gave her best, and as she felt your cock pulsating like you were about to cum, she just kept on going so you can fill up her mouth with your juices.

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