Cherry Kiss Will Make You Cheat on Your GF

date_range April 24, 2017

You attended an amazing house party at Cherry Kiss's place, and it was quite amazing. However, you ended up drinking quite a lot and eventually, you decided to just lay down on the bed and watch some TV with your brunette girlfriend. After a while, your girlfriend seemed to have passed out while lying next to you. As you continued to watch TV because you were too tipsy and tired to drive both of you home, you noticed Cherry walking towards you on the tips of her toes, trying to be very quiet. You know from the stories that Cherry is a very naughty girl, and that she really likes guys who are already taken. Because she has an incredibly hot body, you always wanted to bang her, but since you already have a girlfriend, you didn't want to risk ruining your relationship. However, as Cherry approached you at the bed while your girlfriend was resting next to you, she took the blankets off of you while showing you that you should stay quiet. As the blankets were removed, she took your cock and put it into her mouth. Even if this was not exactly fucking her, it was definitely one of your long time fantasies coming true. Once her lips were completely wrapped around your pole, your cock could not be stopped from getting a complete erection. Upon getting as big as it could, Cherry started to use her real blowjob skills which were quite extraordinary. The blowjob she was giving you was truly incomparable to anything you have ever experienced, even if the girlfriend next to you sucked you off thousands of times. Cherry really knew how to hit all the right spots on your cock by pleasuring your tip right when you wanted her to. When the pleasure was at its peak where you were about to cum, she knew that you wanted this experience to last a little longer, and that is why she often slid her tongue down your hard stick all the way to your balls. Arriving at your balls, she would put them in her mouth and suck on them while you were recovering from her magical dick sucking techniques. Once you recovered, she went back to the tip of your cock and started to suck you off even better than before. Making your dick completely covered in her saliva, you couldn't hold back anymore, and eventually, you ended up delivering a huge load of jizz into her mouth. As your big load filled up her mouth, she played around with it for a while before swallowing all of it. Now that she made you cheat on your girlfriend, she walked out of the room, leaving you with one of the best blowjobs of your life, and your brunette girlfriend will never even know about it. More equally hot to Cherry's babes can be found over here and/or on our main page, here. Watch Cherry Kiss' VR Porn Videos!