Unofficially: Oculus Is Preparing a Refreshed Version of the Rift Goggles

Just a couple days ago we told you about Brendan Iribe, the co-founder and the previous CEO of the Oculus VR company, leaving Facebook, while wondering what could that possibly mean for the future of the virtual reality departament of the firm – and whether or not will we ever see the new version of Oculus Rift VR goggles. According to Iribe, Facebook was supposed not to be interested in developing any of PC versions of their VR devices, focusing entirely on their standalone VR goggles like Oculus Quest and Oculus Go, but we have just gotten a new batch of information – according to the TechCrunch website, Facebook planned to release Oculus Rift 2 (code name “Caspar”), but put the project on the shelf to refresh the current version of the headset.

The device called Oculus Rift S will be available for sale next year and will receive a higher resolution display and an inside-out tracking system, known among others from Windows Mixed Reality goggles – just like newest Samsung HMD Odyssey+ that we have too quite recently told you about. Will Oculus Rift S be capable of replacing the old Oculus Rift goggles for VR porn movies? Naturally, these are only a rumors and the entire information is not confirmed, but we are already really hyped for some new possibilities for our 6K UHD VR porn films – and aren’t you?!

The reports are connected with the (mentioned above) recent departure from Facebook of one of the co-founders of Oculus VR – Brendan Iribe. For the last two years, he lead the group focused on PC solutions, responsible for for the work on the second generation of Oculus Rift VR visors, including the “Half-Dome” prototype (displayed on the YouTube video above) revealed in May, which is equipped with improved Fresnel lens with 140-degree field of view, movable variable-focal display and technology that tracks the user’s eyesight.

However, the Oculus Rift 2 model awaited by VR enthusiasts may not appear in the near future, because the strict management of Facebook apparently no longer depends on the production of expensive equipment for demanding customers. Instead, the company plans to focus on mobile headsets, such as the recently announced Oculus Quest. On the other hand, according to TechCrunch’s journalists, Facebook decided to concentrate on improving the current Rift model, but only enough to not require the latest computer equipment – so even though we will not be getting any new Oculus Rift PC version, the old one that we know and love is about to receive an upgrade!

Since all these informations are unofficial, we don’t really know anything about these changes and, for now, all we can do is wait. And are you one of Oculus Rift’s users for VR porn experiences? According to our data, most of the members of VR Bangers’ family is equipped with either Rift VR goggles or HTC Vive, so maybe it’s about time to get yourself an upgrade, boys?

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