Vanessa Decker and Her Antique Cabinet

As you were browsing your e-mails, you found one from your girlfriend, that had a pretty big file. You were not in touch with her that day, and as far as you know, she is working in the antique shop her family is running.

The e-mail from Vanessa Decker stated “Hey honey, I felt really horny while working today, so I decided to put it to some use. I recorded the video you can find in this e-mail with my phone while I was on my lunch break.”

When you downloaded the video, you definitely had a sight to behold. Your hot girlfriend was sitting on an old cabinet that you could recognize since you saw it in her shop, she was wearing nothing but a little black robe.

You could see her incredible body, her nice natural big tits, and of course, her trimmed pussy. In the beginning of the video, Vanessa will play with her big boobs by massaging them for a while.

Shortly after, she will realize something is missing, so she will take a look around. Upon seeing a small bottle of oil, she took it into her hands and opened it above her chest.

You can now see her beautiful boobs getting covered in oil, that she is soon going to massage with her firm hands. As she massages the oil into her tits, that area of her skin got a really nice glow.

Once she finished massaging her big tits, Vanessa decided to continue her little session by rubbing her pussy. She started it off slowly, by just rubbing her clit, until her pussy got nice and wet.

When she felt ready, she started inserting some fingers into her drenched love tunnel, and the more she put in, the louder she moaned.

Eventually, she decided to go into a different position, both for the sake of pleasure, but also so you can have a nice view of her ass because she then bent over into the doggy position.

Even if she was bent over into doggy, you could still see her face, as she was plunging her delicious cunt, you could see how much she was enjoying every single second of it.

When the pleasure for her became too much to be in the kneeling position, she laid down on the old cabinet. While laying on the cabinet she took more of the oil she previously poured over her tits.

But instead of pouring it all over her milk cans again, Vanessa mixed the oil with her pussy juices by pouring it all over her love tunnel.

She then proceeded to masturbate some more, however, the mixture was so good, that it made her moan very loudly, and you could also see how much pleasure she was experiencing by her facial expression.

Moments after she started rubbing her pussy that was covered in the oil and its juices, Vanessa had an orgasm, which is the perfect ending to the video she sent you.

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