Which Female VR Pornstars Are Going to Be Trending in 2019?

If you are watching some VR porn movies for a while now, you must have already found at least one favorite VR porn star – even though there is a lot of them to choose from, we all have our own taste when it comes to women and it is no wonder that you will find some of them more attractive than the others. Inside of the VR porn business, the more followers and fans you have, the better conditions and higher rates you can negotiate – and not to mention that you will be asked by premium VR porn scenes producers like Virtual Reality Bangers to only play in the most promising VR porn scenes (and those with the highest budget), which will in effect give you an access to most luxury porn awards like those from XBIZ and AVN.

Since 2019 has only just begun, today we have decided to discuss (and maybe even forecast?) the future of the VR porn business in terms of the expected popularity of our befriended female VR porn stars, asking the question: which one of them are going to be trending in 2019? Will VR porn movies’ performers that have already gained a huge recognition stay on the top, or maybe some fresh VR porn faces will dominate the biz and steal the hearts of millions of fans? Below you can find our predictions (and few examples) of VR porn vixens that in our opinion have the biggest chances – take a fast look at the list and see if you agree with it or not!

Riley Reid

Riley Reid in the Anal Virginity VR porn movie

She is almost like a living legend of both regular and virtual reality porn and even though she has gained her extreme popularity in the last couple of years, and you could say that perhaps her time is about to come to an end, we believe that she will still divide and conquer the adult movies business while only getting the most luxurious and exclusive deals on her new porn scenes. Virtual Reality Bangers have worked with her couple of times in the past, and since you, our beloved fans, seem to love her performing, we only plan on continuing our cooperation with her – presumably bringing you even more VR porn videos with her like Fanatic Dreams, One Last Bang Before The Wedding or Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Marley Brinx

Marley Brinx in Wonder Woman VR porn scene

As Marley Brinx has just recently became our champion on the 2019 AVN Awards (Wonder Woman XXX VR porn parody with her has been called the best VR porn video of the year), we clearly have some great hopes when it comes to this talented VR porn star. She proved that her acting skills are second to none when becoming our slutty version of this famous superhero, and we believe that her future in the VR porn business is really promising – as compared to many of her colleagues, she is not only an expert when it comes to fucking, but also a really reliable actress that can be hired even for the most demanding VR porn fantasy or parody.

Sara Jay

Sara Jay in the Breaking the Rules VR porn video

Sara Jay might be one of the most surprising of our picks for this list, as she has been in the porn business for many, many years now (after all she is one of the most appreciated MILF VR porn stars of all with dozens of years of practice inside the adult entertainment industry) – but that is exactly the reason why we believe that she will only keep on trending. After all these years she has proven that even the sexiest and the sluttiest fresh faces in the porn biz can only stay in her shadow and are not even as half as professional of her – at the same time gaining millions of horny fans all over the world – so her disappearance from the VR porn business is highly unlikely and she will almost definitely stay on the very top in the 2019 as well.

Angela White

Angela White in Laid Off VR porn film

Angela White is one of our favorite brunette VR porn stars and even though she is probably the least popular from all the professional VR porn stars listed in this ranking, we believe that she has a great future in the VR porn business. And why is that? Just look at her and her enormous natural boobs! In the world of fake VR porn titties, a rack like that is an almost guarantee success – and especially when you still have a really fit body and an incredibly tight pussy that is clearly turning all the horny folks mad! What is more, the girl is also in pretty much the perfect age to become a huge name in the industry – she is not a VR porn MILF just yet, but definitely not a teen VR porn vixen anymore, which means that given appropriate make-up she can pretend to be both!

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves in Roommates Wanted VR porn experience

Last but not least comes Kenzie Reeves – the youngest of all VR porn stars mentioned on our little list – who has been a really trending teen performer in 2018, and we believe that she is capable of extending this success in 2019, too. Her fresh face, petite body and super-cute smile have stolen the hearts of millions of horny guys from every corner of the planet, and since she is a natural talent when it comes to performing with both guys and girls, the gates of professional VR porn industry are wide opened for her and we wish only the best for her. Watching our Sorority Hookup series (part 1, 2, 3 and 4) you can actually notice how greatly she has improved in the last couple of months, and, according to us, she will only keep on flourishing, while gaining even more fans and sexual skills. Keep on going, Kenzie!

And do you agree with our forecast? Or maybe you have an entirely different predictions about that? Have your favorite VR porn stars been listed by us, or maybe we have totally skipped them and highlighted some other actresses instead of them? You can discuss about all these topics inside of VR Bangers’ community forums over here – we will be more than happy to hear about your opinion and suggestions to maybe in the future start a fruitful cooperation with the girl that you have always wanted to fuck in 3D 360° virtual reality!

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