Sorority Hookup Part 2 vr porn video

Sorority Hookup Part 2

Duration: 41 min
Release date: Oct 5, 2017
In this VR Porn video, You lay in bed with your Girlfriend Piper Perri, a pint sized college girl with platinum blonde hair, at her dorm room where boys are not allowed. It’s been a while since she felt your dick inside of her. She is horny and ready for you, she starts kissing you slowly and takes your pants down, then she grabs a hold of your cock and blows you to show you how much she missed your cock. ...

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  • Mike Henigan

    Wanna praise or talk sh*t about Sorority HookUP Part 2? You are in the right place!
    You can find the video right here:

    Mike Henigan

  • DLongBoi

    WOW! I dont know what to say. Piper really played her part. At points I felt bad messing with the other girls.This is every guys fantasy and I felt like i just lived it. VRBANGERS you really chose some gorgeous women for this scene. Thank you for that. Elana’s eyes really had me weak. I’m glad she took the time to lay there and stare at the camera. When Jaye Summers took her chance to hop on and just start bouncing on the dick I pretty much lost it. Piper and Kenzie had me reaching with my hands to try to join in on their fun…. unfortunately i just knocked some shit over in my room…. The bent over lineup though..!!!!!!! DAAAMN. We can have more of that. AAAAND Elana can twerk it…. Did i drool a little.. yup yup. .  I felt they could have taken turns bouncing on my face…. Everything about this scene was amazing and perfect.. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if I was the male actor… but lets be real this scene would have ended in 6mins if I was lucky

    Thanks Ladies. Thanks VRbangers


  • wdt404

    This was good, but not as good as Part 1. I know it’s very constraining, but I think that once the viewer action begins it should be sustained for the remainder of the scene. Here you remove the viewer from the action for over 10 minutes, and the scene loses something it never regains. So this is a letdown after Part 1, but only because Part 1 was so good (except for the video quality resulting from the low bitrate).


  • robboscouse

    Please do more vids with Elena Koshka, she’s so beautiful and such a wonderful performer.


  • Mike Henigan

    We agree with that! Elena was great on that scene part 1 + part 2! I am sure that we will get her again soon in the future!
    Feel free to feedback and request girls, we will do our best to bring your fantasy to life!

    Mike Henigan

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