Your Neighbor’s Daughter Cayla Lyons Just Turned 18

While at work, you browse your e-mails, and suddenly, you find an e-mail from your neighbor’s daughter, Cayla Lyons. You barely know her, since she is a teenager. All you know about her is that she is a sexy blonde babe with an incredible body, however, there is nothing you can do about it since she is a minor.

You still decided to open the e-mail, because maybe her father did not log out of her account while sending you some information because he is your colleague at work.

To your surprise, the e-mail was actually from Cayla. Tt said “Hey neighbor, I know you have been watching me for a while. Well, I have some really amazing news for you. Today, I turned 18, so I decided to send you this invitation to my private party”.

While inspecting the e-mail some more, you noticed that there is a video attachment. After downloading it, you decide to open it which will definitely be your highlight of the day.

In the beginning of the video, you see Cayla wearing a shirt with some colorful flowers, light blue shorts and a pair of her caramel high heels while she is in her bedroom.

She is sitting on her chair, with her legs completely spread as she is caressing her body. Eventually, she decided to turn around, and take a small pink sex toy.

After getting it with her hand, she got down to the floor and crawled towards the camera. She then put the little dildo into her mouth, and started sucking while breathing heavily, as she was feeling incredibly horny.

Soon, you will see Cayla taking off her colorful shirt, which will end up in her revealing her small natural tits. She then also unzips her light blue shorts before turning around and bending into the doggy position.

While being bent over like that, she slowly slid the shorts down, which allowed you to see her incredible skinny ass and her nicely shaved pussy as well.

Cayla then started masturbating, however, she did not use her pink toy, at least not yet. Instead, she rubbed her clit which started to make her feel really wet. After a while, she proceeded with further stages of her solo masturbating session.

She took her fingers, and she started inserting them into her vagina one by one until she could not take any more. When her pussy was nicely spread from her fingers, Cayla decided to finish off her masturbating session with the help of her pink toy she was previously sucking on.

As she penetrated her love tunnel with the pink toy, she realized that she requires, even more, pleasure in order to cum. That is when she started to rub her clit with one of her hands, while still plunging her tunnel with a toy by using the other one.

Using this method caused her to have an orgasm quite fast, which was the end of the video. It is up to you now to do decide, if you are going to accept her invitation and fuck her brains out after work.

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