Hard ‘Core’ Training vr porn video

Hard ‘Core’ Training

Duration: 36 min
Release date: Mar 12, 2019
It was about time for you to visit the gym together with your favorite VR porn movies’ makers – Virtual Reality Bangers! In the Hard ‘Core’ Training VR porn video, you are about to go to one of those clubs and encounter a girl no other than super-hot September Reign. The girl, luckily for you, will be stretching before her proper workout, literally sticking out her round butt directly in front of ...

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  • Johnny D.

    Wanna praise or talk sh*t about Hard ‘Core’ Training? You are in the right place!
    You can find the video right here: https://vrbangers.com/video/hard-core-training/

    Johnny D.

  • aadams2327

    We literally waited months for this?!? Smh this site confuses the shit out of me when it comes to the thought process…almost every video has bad positions and inferior rig placement to other studios who do the same positions. They always direct the girl to lean away from the rig which ruins the immersion. The upload schedule is random, and the upcoming scenes never make any sense because an upcoming scene could be on there for 3 days and come out or like almost 3 months then release. It just doesnt have any logic at all. I know some people like the all lesbian scenes with no guy but that should either be a sister site (no pun intended) or be a bonus scene for the week.


    • mbonifield04

      Damn and here I am just trying to bust a nut…


  • Mike Henigan

    Hey, there are no more “random scene schedules” we release twice a week now and only on rare occasions we wait the “holiday release”.


    We hope that you will like our upcoming scenes, we changed a lot of things in our rig and positions, stay tuned and hope you will enjoy!


    In regards to the lesbian scene, why you want to have that on a sister site? it is very fresh to have that type of content on the straight site as GG is practically “talking to everyone”

    Mike Henigan

  • anonymous

    What is aadams2327 talking about??? I think he has you confused with Wanks… Wanks is like going to any titty bar and watching lap dances. Every Wanks VR production is exactly the same. If you go out 25% you are going to see exactly the same thing as on all their content. If anyone likes the same thing over and over again and again… My ex-wife is available!!!

    You guys at Banger do a super job. I am not a big fan of over the top silicone and tattoos. They are not my thing. But I dislike routine a whole lot less.


  • Mike Henigan

    Thank you so much for the kind words 😉 we are trying to make everyone happy by implementing a few elements in every scene and make it unique in its own way.


    Feel free to give a feedback!

    Mike Henigan

  • buzzhardcock

    Creampie Please. I’d like to her pussy reign with cum.


  • Mike Henigan



    We have many Creampie scenes and we are working on more for sure 😉


    Thank you and stay tuned!

    Mike Henigan

  • shingosky2015

    That’s exactly my kinky dream cum true jerking off watching a fit and hot chick in a gym!  And September has got a great body.. I want more of her!!


  • Mike Henigan

    So glad to hear that 🙂 September was really enjoying this scene and it shows!


    Hope to have her again soon 🙂


    Wish you the best stay tuned!

    Mike Henigan

  • shingosky2015

    What a surprise at the end!! Lol


  • Mike Henigan

    Ha! hope you liked it 🙂


    We like to keep things interesting even at the end of the video 🙂

    Mike Henigan

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