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Lucia Denvile never planned on becoming a pornstar. She was a great student and always expected she would be an executive at some giant corporation one day.  Then as luck would have it, her best friend’s wife mentioned she recently got asked by a talent agency to do some modeling and wanted to know if Lucia would come along. As it turns out, her friend didn’t do very well once the cameras came on but the casting agent asked Lucia if she would be willing to step in and give modeling a shot. Soon that day turned into a bunch of exposure on other modeling shoots and eventually when she was asked if she would do video work for an adult company she said she was up for the challenge. Now, thanks to VR Bangers Lucia Denvile is one of the hottest names in VR Porn today!

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Ace in the Hole / Starring: Lucia Denvile


6 January , 2017

Starring: Lucia Denvile

She isn’t the best poker player, but Lucia Denvile understands that a bet is a bet, and she isn’t about to welch on what she wagered. She didn’t have a whole lot of cash to begin with but when you raised on the river and she called by offering up that sweet ass of hers as collateral you were a smart player to call her bluff. Go ahead and join Lucia in this VR Porn, and savor the reward as Lucia shows you the ass you always wanted to play with and lets you be the ace in her hole for as long as it takes to pay off her debt and earn your cum! She loses card games often, but fortunately for Ms. Denvile her ass is so durable that she is always prepared for her next losing game!