Mina Luxx Will Do Everything to Keep Her Job in 3D VR!

date_range January 14, 2023
Please, Don't Fire Me VR Porn Movie

As many of the members and viewers at VRBangers.com are business people, from time to time we like to create a VR porn fantasy with just such a theme – drawn straight from the world of sex and business, where every move in the pursuit of financial expansion is allowed and where power, sex, and money rule. With all these things in mind, we created Please, Don't Fire Me – our latest VR sex scene, inside of which each of you, a moment after putting on your VR goggles, will be able to become a powerful and respected businessman, in whose hands rests the fate of many people.

One such person will be the exceptionally beautiful Asian VR porn star, Mina Luxx, who, for the purposes of this VR xxx fantasy, will become your sexy assistant and secretary – not only taking care of all your business but also providing you with exceptionally interesting views while you work in the office.

The problem, however, will be that your business partner, who will offer you the deal of your life today, will categorically demand that you fire Mina because, in his opinion, she is not competent enough to be trusted with the expansion of the company. Unfortunately, in this situation, despite the fact that the girl can make your dick hard with her outfit alone, you have no choice but to actually get rid of her – which, however, will not please the affected lady herself, who will try to do everything in her power to change your mind.

That's when the main part of this VR sex video begins because as soon as your sexy assistant leans over in front of you, showing you (seemingly accidentally) what sexy stockings she has on for work today – and just a moment later lands on her knees to take your swollen cock in her mouth and suck it all the way to your balls – then you find yourself in a very problematic situation, where you have to make an extremely difficult decision. So put on your VR goggles and get to work – just let us know afterward what you've decided and whether it was worth giving her that last chance!

Mina Luxx indeed is stunning and you'll be glad to hear even though this was the very first VR porn movie we made with her, we intend to create more of them in the future – that's why you should be checking the section of our website with her amazing VR sex scenes regularly!

Moreover, we're pretty damn sure you enjoyed the set of lingerie and stockings we chose for her tonight, and you're probably craving for more such outfits – and we've got you covered, bro! Watch our stockings VR xxx videos now and we're sure that urge of yours is gonna get satisfied in no time – after all, we have plenty of beautiful ladies wearing even more beautiful outfits for you to explore!

VRBangers.com is in the end the website that will never let you down – thanks for staying with us and hopefully you'll keep on enjoying everything we're producing in the future!