Welcome to the Hotel California! Such a Lovely Place with Ember Snow…

date_range September 10, 2022
Hotel California VR Porn Movie

Time to spend a night inside the VRB's VIP hotel! If you're watching our VR porn movies for a while, you know that we love to treat our viewers and members with the greatest care – and today it ain't gonna be any different, and we can promise you that here and now! Grab your favorite VR device and prepare yourself for this one-of-a-kind stay with us tonight – something tells us that you're gonna love it a whole damn lot!

So, what's gonna happen right after you'll wear your VR goggles? You'll be there, in the VR Bangers' hotel, standing in front of our super-hot Asian receptionist, Ember Snow! The girl will grab your package and show you the room that we've prepared for you, but then… something unfortunate is going to happen. What could it be? Well, just keep on reading, sir.

The girl will drop your package and ruin its contents – and since she was supposed to take care of you in a VIP way, and she's done… well, the opposite. Now she'll be in huge trouble, and she could get herself fired – and she'll have to do whatever it takes to change your mind about her previous "attitude". She'll, for example, get on her knees and suck your cock… wait, what?

Yes, you heard us right. This hot Asian VR porn chick will give you the sloppiest blowjob you've ever had, and she'll even let you play with her tight little pussy – and all of that to ensure that you won't talk about her neglections to her boss and that she'll get to keep her job. She'll be so determined to change your mind that you can ask her for anything you want – as soon as you're gonna have your VR goggles equipped, the sky is the limit during your little sexual intercourse.

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