Incredible Ornella Morgan makes both of you cum before you take a bath

You find yourself in the bathroom, preparing to have a nice relaxing time in the jacuzzi, however, before you take off your towel and take a dip, your girlfriend Ornella Morgan will show up. She is going to be completely naked, and she will start teasing you with her quite attractive body.

First, she will let you take a look at her nice juicy ass before she plays around with her boobies for a little while. Ornella will then get into the jacuzzi and start fooling around with the foam while the water soaks up her body. She is going to put the foam over herself, but she will wash it off immediately.

Because she knows that you are quite an impatient man, Ornella will get close to you and remove the towel you had wrapped around your waist. When she notices that you have developed a nice hard boner, she will start stroking it with her hands.

After just a couple of strokes, you will be able to feel her tits around and on your cock because she will slide it between and across them a couple of times. Since all that jacking off she was doing made Ornella kind of horny, she got out of the jacuzzi and hopped onto your leg.

This is where she grinded her pussy for just a little while just so she gets rid of the hornyness that is overcoming her. Once she stops feeling so tense, she will get down on her knees right in front of you and start sucking you off.

When Ornella notices that your cock is completely erect and that it pulsates, she will know that is a sign that it actually hungers for her drenched love tunnel. She is then going to stand up and turn her ass towards you before sticking your pole into her pussy and riding you in reverse cowgirl.

She will continue riding you for a couple of minutes, and then she will get off to lick off the pussy juices before she rides you in the standard cowgirl. Ornella will also repeat this rotation a couple of times before she decides to go on the other end of the jacuzzi and start masturbating until she has an amazing orgasm.

When she cums, she will approach you once again because she does not want you to feel left out now that she made you incredibly horny and so close to cumming. That is why she will ride you in the cowgirl position just a little more, and since her cunt is filled with her cum, it will feel much better than before.

This will cause you to get close to cumming even faster, and when she notices you are about to do it, Ornella will quickly get down on her knees again and start stroking you off while her lips are wrapped around your dick.

Impatiently waiting for your load, she will continue doing so until her mouth gets filled with your warm juices.

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