Nadia Jay Loves Being Fingered While Pole Dancing

Since you and your best friend have not hanged out for a while, what better way to do it than invite a really hot local pole dancer, Nadia Jay.

Nadia is one hell of a girl, no man would deny that incredible body with her dark skin tone that goes perfectly with her brunette hair.

As she was performing for you two, you told her to use the pole that you have in your living room. “There is nothing better than enjoying a hot ebony babe wearing black stockings with a garter belt combined with some black and white lingerie,” you thought to yourself.

The music that you decided to play matches perfectly with her moves that she is making on the pole. Eventually, you see her approaching your best friend. He should be the one who receives the first pleasure as he is the guest in your house of course.

She jumps into his lap and starts grinding on his hard cock while using her hands to massage his shoulders. Shortly after that, Nadia will also get her beautiful tits directly in his face while she kisses him on the forehead.

This lasted on for a little bit, but it was definitely entertaining enough to give you a rock solid boner. Once she got up, she bent over so your friend can have a nice view of her delicious booty.

However, since this is a private pole dancer, the rules of no touching do not apply, which your friend immediately started to put to good use. He grabbed her black ass and started spanking her for a bit before fingering her for a while.

You could see that she was really enjoying it, but she also had you to please, so she approached you in a couple of moments after your friend fingered her love tunnel.

When Nadia got into your lap, she immediately displayed her big tits which had piercings on both of her nipples. She grinded on your cock as well, but that did not last too long as she knew what you really want.

Once she stood up, you moved her white panties downwards, allowing you to have a perfect view of her beautiful ass. You began to finger her which made her moan a little, but besides that, she also decided to remove her bra completely.

Nadia sat down in your lap again, asking you to finger her pussy some more while you have a nice view of her delicious big boobs. You fingered her delicious love tunnel for a while and then you decided to put those fingers into her mouth, allowing her to taste her delicious liquids while you are grabbing her tits with your other hand.

She will then stand up one more time since she feels the best after you finger her in the doggy position. You will continue finger banging her all the way until she cums, and once she does she will give you a nice goodbye kiss.

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